I want to thank my new client, Johnson Matthey www.jmusa.com   for using our service this past Saturday night for their employees Holiday Party at Auletto’s Caterers in Deptford NJ. http://auletto.com/ Jim Auletto puts out a great feast and has the best wine and cheese cellar you ever saw. Cheeses, meats, caviar, all kinds of great horderves (did I spell that right?) I did caricatures there for them and everyone had a great time, laughed a lot, and took their pictures with them! I did mostly couples which is pretty standard for an evening event. The women drag their husbands over and they say OK IRead More →

1. Pick a date(s). To get your desired venue [& save money] be flexible on the date.  It is best to first speak to your Minister or whoever is performing the ceremony if that date is available.  It is at this time that you ask the minister what he or she charges for officiating the ceremony.  Do not assume that the Minister is doing this for free.  There is usually a required fee for both the minister and the church.  Remember, Saturdays fill up first, then Sunday’s, then Fridays & then weekdays. Venues charge extra for Saturdays. Week days have a wider choice of dates.Read More →