Other Life Celebrations

Make it a Day to Remember

Edwards Events and Entertainment can help you plan and manage your many wonderful life celebrations. From baby showers to retirement parties, we have helped people make the day special by bringing smiles to your guests and peace of mind to you. We offer many planning, entertainment, catering, venue, and décor options and we are ready to discuss them with you so you make the perfect choice for the perfect day. 

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40th Birthday Parties

Although the guest of honor may be reluctant to celebrate this day, it is still a great achievement worthy of reflection–and a party! Edwards Events and Entertainment is there to provide every possible entertainment and planning option you could possibly need to celebrate this big milestone. We have been making events a success for over twenty years, which is about half the age of the birthday honoree.

Baby Showers and Bridal Showers

We understand the stress that these important events can produce and we are there to take the pressure off. Edwards Events and Entertainment can handle all of the intricacies of baby and wedding showers to make the day stress free and wonderful. We can handle the catering, décor, venue selection, and more. We can even provide entertainment that complements the day and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Block Parties

Block parties are a staple of great neighborhoods. Edwards Events and Entertainment can help you celebrate this wonderful day by providing great entertainment options to make the day even better. We can provide inflatables, bands, DJs, clowns, or whatever you are looking for. We have it here, so fire-up the barbeque and put down the traffic cones.

First Birthday Parties   

Your child may not remember his or her first birthday, but your guests will, so make it a wonderful experience with perfect photo opportunities. We can help you with anything from house parties to catered events. Whether you just need an entertainer, or need us to take the reins of the event, Edwards Events and Entertainment is here to help. Now blow out the candle.


Edwards Events and Entertainment can provide  solo musicians for your loved one’s funeral. We have entertainers that play every instrument you can imagine including harpists and bagpipers. We also provide catering services for funeral luncheons, live music and entertainment for the children. Though you may have lost a loved one, this is a great way to pick up everyone’s spirits and to celebrate his or her life and the memories left behind.

Graduation Parties

Let Edwards Events and Entertainment help you celebrate this fantastic milestone as your graduate takes on the world. We can provide many options for your graduation celebration including entertainment, catering and more. This is his or her special day. Let us take the pressure off and help you enjoy it to the fullest.

Retirement Parties

A remarkable achievement deserves a remarkable celebration. Edwards Events and Entertainment can help you plan and execute a small gathering or a huge catered event. We offer many catering, décor, venue selection and entertainment options to ensure a great day that celebrates this wonderful milestone.

Super Bowl Parties

Sometimes you just don’t care who is playing: you’re just going for the food and the commercials. Edwards Events and Entertainment can cater your Super Bowl Party and make it as epic as the game on that 50 inch screen. We can provide entertainment options for the children, festive décor or whatever you need to bring it to the next level. The only thing we can’t do is make your favorite team win.

Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrating the commitment and dedication of loving couples is more important than ever. Edwards Event and Entertainment has years of experience planning and conducting anniversary celebrations from the first to the fiftieth and beyond. We can provide a variety of entertainment including live bands or DJs. This is their special day and they deserve the best.



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